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Local (Dallas, TX) sources were found for all construction materials for this wood burning brick pizza oven including firebrick, decorative bricks, glass blocks, vermiculite insulation, and all cooking and food serving supplies.

Just when you think you have tried all possible combinations of pizza, we found a new one. Polish inspired, the "Josephine", made with kielbasa , mushrooms, and.. Give it a try

And to show you can cook in every weather, we have a picture of firing the oven and cooking 18 pizza's on Christmas Eve. Yes it does snow in Dallas

One picture collage shows a time lapse pizza oven cooking picture sequence. The wood fired brick oven was not at its hottest at this point. The cooking time for this pizza was approximately 3 minutes. Cooking times will be as fast a 90 seconds to as long as about 4 minutes, depending on how low you let the fire get and how cool the floor bricks get. You can reheat the floor by sliding hot coals into the center about every 15 -30 minutes.

If you are thinking of building an outdoor kitchen and incorporating a wood burning oven, I hope you will find this web site and the links I have provided useful.

Words to the wise (disclaimer :): Before building, consult your local city - town zoning and other controlling groups (Homeowners Associations, etc) for all applicable restrictions and construction requirements. There would be nothing worse than spending months building your outdoor kitchen and wood burning brick oven and then being forced to take it down or modify it for zoning or safety reasons. No matter what you see in plans on this web site or any other web site, make sure the design you choose is reviewed and approved by your appropriate local authorities before building.

Also use common sense in what you can and should attempt to do yourself. Many people who build ovens are handy and do much or all of their work themselves. However this approach is not for everyone. You can experience a creative pride in many aspects of a project while using a qualified person to build your outdoor cooking center for you. No warranties in design or advise are expressed or implied in any of the techniques or materials shown on this site.

Happy cooking!

Video is of a recent cooking session in the wood fired brick pizza oven. Temperature was lower than maximum, with cooking time for this pizza around 4 minutes. When at full temp, a pizza can cook in 90 seconds.

Christmas Eve pizza cooking. Snow on top of the oven show how effective overall insulation and construction of the oven is.

Fire in back of over in this picture. Since this picture was taken i have switched to keeping the maintaining fire on the right side of the oven chamber.

time lapse cooking pizza wood burning brick oven

Time lapse sequence. This sequence is over 3 minutes which is about the longest it takes to cook a pizza in this oven. When the oven is at its hottest, a pizza cooks in around 90 seconds.

Wood burning brick oven pizza dallas tex

Wood burning brick pizza oven. Dallas Tx. Built using plans purchased from, then modified to fit my vision. Rado Hand was a great help in bouncing ideas around changes to his base plans.

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