Oven Chamber Base

Wood Burning Pizza Oven - Chamber Base

Another fun part of the project. Completing the base and hearth was a major milestone, but this is the first phase of the construction project were you can start to see the wood burning pizza oven start to emerge.

Forms built to hold cladding that is added on the outside of the firebricks on the side and top dome.

Top view of concrete cladding added around firebricks. Note re-enforcing wire mesh to help support cladding.

Wet cladding (concrete - lime mix) poured and in forms. Covered with tarp to support slow curing.

Cladding poured and curing

Cladding cured enough to remove forms. Note re-mesh extending about initial pour, this will be used to tie into cladding over the firebrick oven chamber dome once it is added

View of cladding around oven chamber front

note forms had to be placed inside of firebrick, inside the dome to keep the concrete cladding from pushing in the firebricks. Successful!

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