Links to other favorite sites:

  • Wood burning brick pizza oven. Construction, cooking, recipes

  • Penguin's Kitchen. Twitch streaming, cooking, fundraising for St Jude's

  • Product Marketing, Product Services.

  • Cybersecurity.

  • Retro and Vintage items: Booth 56 - Finishing Touch Antique Mall, Carrollton, TX 75006 (Link-to-Finishing-Touch-Map)

  • Etsy Shop - Retro56Tx (Link-to-Retro56TX-Etsy-site)

  • Site for parents, SLP's (Speech Language Pathologists), and those seeking assistance of a SLP for young children

  • Traditional Oven. Rado Hand is the craftsman behind this site. I built my oven based on plans I purchased from Rado. He was a great help in addressing questions as I went about modifying the plans to meet my needs. Highly recommended for anyone considering building or cooking with a wood burning brick pizza oven. Search keywords: Pizza, bread, roast, ovens gallery.

  • A site that I visited often for links and information on construction concepts and recipes. So much to learn, so little time to read. This site is super for links to many great reading and learning experiences.

  • How to build a pizza oven -


  • Blackoven An excellent web site with great pictures and associated narrative covering an oven building workshop, and a cooking workshop. Also recipes and links to cooking, building, and related sites.

  • Another great site covering the building of a cob oven, on top of the slab - hearth design used and described on this site. Pretty cool mix of oven building approaches, with a good looking and functional cover over the top.

Sourdough Related Links

  • This is the wonderful web site that I am currently using for my sourdough bread making guide. Great videos, multiple explanations, examples, including techniques.